Her work is down to earth and based in the wisdom of the body, enabling to move beyond. She works from the position of less is more and taking the ability to respond.

One of her best qualities is the ability to listen beyond the words, using her emotional intelligence and sensitivity.

This creates a way of communicating that surpasses talking and the meaning of words, one that is based in the empty space in between. What drives her is her passion for life, movement and creation. She has an eye for detail and a clear overview, being sharp in her observations, confronting in her communication and able to move emotional bockages.

Her personal process is about the development of authenticity and trust and this is what she wishes to share in her work.

Acknowledging that what is with the eyes of the heart, rather than merely looking at external layers and sharing the truth of that space.



Zowie has a curious and passionate nature that assist his exploration for the great mystery of life. For the last twenty years he worked as an experience designer, giving him a birds eye on how things are related. He started an extensive training in meditation & bodywork, exploring the sensations within the body as a counterpart of the designer world, and was trained as a professional Massage Therapist.

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